Golf Strength Academy

Performance-driven and research-based S&C programs for every golfer


During the past 10 years providing S&C in the golf industry has continually increased in popularity and importance, for professionals and amateurs alike.


Although the growing body of anecdotal and quantitative evidence is clear, confusion remains around optimal S&C practices, resulting from a lack of experienced coaches, performance driven programs, and scalable solutions.


In answer to the need to level up the industries practice as we head into an era off golf, with fitness health and wellness at the centre of helping golfers play better, play more often and have greater longevity I have been preparing for my new venture ‘Golf Strength Academy’.


Our vision at GSA is to make premium, performance-focused, research-driven golf S&C programs accessible to every golfer - no matter their ability, age or location.


By specialising in online programs designed to optimise golf performance, we aim to become the focal point of the new generation of golf athletes (and just as Nike says ‘if you have a body, you’re an athlete’, if you are a golfer of any shape or size, you’re a golf athlete).


Thank you all for your support of the past 8 years. I hope you have found value in my content and services, and I can’t wait to expand these offers greatly as we move into the GSA era.