Want better posture and more fluid movement to enable you to get into the positions you want in the golf swing? Want to develop effortless power and improve your mental game? All with just one easy to implement technique?  


My name is Nick Buchan, I am a golf fitness specialist and coach here at Stronger Golf.  


Many of my client's come to me frustrated at their inability to get the club in the positions they want, get more mobility in the golf swing or express as much as speed as they want in the swing, despite hitting the gym regularly and religiously stretching. 


What they, often, fail to understand is the role of biomechanics and position in determining how a muscle moves and produces force.  In short, it is the foundation. When a joint is a correct position it can move with all its inherent degrees of freedom, and a muscle force production is on something of a bell curve it will produce more force in that centred position too.


Now of course strength training, power work, traditional joint mobilisations all play a huge role in delivering these results, but one tool that I kept finding myself adding to clients programs again was positional breathing drills. Positional breathing simply did a better job than anything else of helping my clients establish good position from which to move and generate power, the results were near miraculous time and time again.


I'm an evidence-based practice guy so naturally, I wanted to know if any research had been done to back up my anecdotal findings. Yes was the emphatic answer!


Studies have found that stretching alone is ineffective for changing tissue extensibility range of motion (ROM) at a joint, yet once diaphragmatic breathing is added both tissue extensibility and joint ROM improved significantly!


Ancient exercise forms had been promoting breathing for over 2000 years as a method of promoting health and longevity (talk about longevity creating world-class performance!)


One of those ancient forms of exercise, Tai Chi, has been demonstrated via a large meta-study, to improve improving balance, single-leg stability as well as aerobic capacity and lower limb strength. There is also good evidence for improved sleep, better cognitive capacity, wellbeing and performance through helping you attain a flow state. Not only that but the positions also had great validity in achieving the positional changes I was after to improve joint mechanics and power output


I was sold and so I sought out someone who could enhance my understanding of these techniques.

With this in mind, I connected with Tai-Chi and golf performance expert Jayne Storey. Jayne has 30

years experience with Tai-Chi and has been working with golfers to improve performance through

Tai-Chi since 2002, including working with the PGA’s professional development program, so you

know she is pretty much the best around


Fast forward to today and myself and Jayne have put together a pretty special bundle that brings

all the benefits I saw from positioning breathing and turns the volume up on them with the specific

goal of improving your golf game, your workouts and your overall health.



What will you get?


This unique three-part video course ‘Performance Biomechanics; Training Your Golf Body’, with Jayne Storey will help you to understand and apply ancient biomechanical principles of posture and relaxed power, which can serve as the foundation upon which an effortless golf swing can be built. These principles, applied in real-time on the golf course, will help bring your technique and mental game together, dispel anxiety and produce movement that is natural and consistent with your own best swing and short game.





Video #1 – Advanced Biomechanics (11’:00”)



  • Developing fluid, effortless power

  • Why you need to relax your chest

  • How to create torque using the opposing forces of your upper and lower body

  • Loading your quadriceps for more leg power

  • Why your core is actually three dimensional

  • Retaining stability while increasing rotation

  • How to develop a swing that comes from the inside of your body

  • Correct placement of weight on your feet

  • Stacking your upper-body on your lower-body





Video #2 – Athletic Setup (09’:04”)



  • 3 postures for developing ground force energy

  • Uniting your mental game with technique

  • Your ‘default swing’ or an Effortless swing; what’s the difference?

  • Stillness as the master of movement

  • 12 seconds of Now; get inflow before you take your shot

  • Unique set-up drill based on Tai Chi principles

  • The zone for your body (how structure plus relaxation equals power)





Video #3 – Fearless Putting (11’:43”)


  • Reducing fear and anxiety on the greens

  • Developing awareness (the skill of champions)

  • Biochemical changes to your breathing and grip pressure

  • Exploding myths of the mental game

  • Unique on-course drills

  • Locating the body’s pivot point of movement

  • Why self-observation is key to performance

  • How to get inflow before you putt

  • Getting out of your own way; you can’t make it happen!

  • Eyes closed drill for feeling

  • Visualization





But wait, there's more!



Bonus #1 - Implementation guide: Learn exactly how I implement and incorporate these practices into my own and my athletes' fitness programs and daily lives. 


This product has a usual value of £19.99



Bonus #2 - Facts & Myths Of Golf Fitness E-book: Learn the 5 most common myths golfers fall prey to when training in the gym to improve their performance, and more importantly, learn what to do instead


This product has a usual value of £19 .99



Bonus #3 - Stand Like A Moutain Move like A River E-book: Learn the key philosophies and tenets behind the practice of Tai-Chi as well as what they have in common with the keys of good golf, as identified by some of the greats of the game


This product has a usual value of £19.99 also, meaning you're getting £59.97 worth of bonus content, absolutely free!


Once you’ve made your purchase you will be sent an email with details of how you can instantly claim your free bonus material worth £59.97 – and as I always aim to over-deliver, there might just be an added bonus in there as well!!





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What others are saying about Tai-Chi for golf...



"Just thought I’d let you know that my daily practice is going well. I’m getting a lovely feeling of power in your Tai Chi-style address position; drives getting out to 250 yards, irons going ridiculously far. Also, during 2 rounds over the weekend I finally got properly into using your breathing exercises and was delighted with the results – the fantastic feeling of release through the ball in the direction I wanted it to go – so thanks so much for this, it’s a keeper!”

David Young – 10 handicap, Rotterdam


“So it happened........I played in a competition on Saturday and won it! This is the first major competition I have ever won! I shot 1 over par and won by 2 shots. I used the Standing Meditation technique on the last 5 holes when I knew I had a good score. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the way I was able to control my emotions when the pressure was on, not least of all when I birdied the last the hole by sinking a 25ft putt”.

Jeremy – 7 handicap, Oxfordshire


“I played 9 holes last Friday with no mechanical thought, only your swing feelings – focus on my navel, empty chest and rooted in my feet – and shot my best score of the year for 9 holes a 42. I only had 3 less than optimal swings and even those were good misses!!! Clearing my mind, trusting my mechanics, and feeling my feet throughout the swing made a big difference! Thank you and I will keep you posted on my progress”.

Jay Platt, BACKtoGOLF, Physical Therapist, Texas


“As a golf professional with more than 30 years of coaching experience, I can confirm that the benefits to be gained from Chi Performance GOLF are immediate, permanent and far-reaching”.

Peter Millhouse, Head Coach, La Reserva de Sotogrande


“Chi Performance GOLF will soon be as fundamental to the game as the grip and set-up”.

Michael Wharton-Palmer, 9 time Arkansas State title winner


“Using her vast experience as a Tai Chi instructor, Jayne has developed an inventive golf specific programme that will allow you to bridge that all-important gap between the driving range and taking your ‘A’ game to the 1st tee”.

Mark Janes, Director of Instruction, Mark Janes Golf Academy, Essex


“I have played professional golf for 35 years on all the world’s stages and been fortunate enough to have won 5 times internationally. Having recently discovered Jayne Storey and Chi Performance GOLF, I believe my winning days again are just around the corner. This is powerful stuff for those who commit to putting in the practice!”

Jeff Hawkes, European Tour Player, European Masters Champion



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Jayne Storey

Jayne Storey, Tai-Chi and golf performance expert


30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We're so confident that you will be thrilled with your purchase that, if after 30 days of using and implementing this combined training package you’re not completely satisfied with the results in your game, Jayne and I will offer you a FREE coaching call to identify the issues and make sure you’re getting the benefits we both know you can achieve. This has a combined worth of over £300.00 but we’re committed to your success!”

Normal price: £159.97

Special offer price: £99.00