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Stronger Golf brings you the ultimate 'best of both worlds' golf fitness solution. 

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Currently, golfers looking for help to improve their golf-specific flexibility, stamina, strength and power have two options:


  1. Find a decent Personal Trainer and try to book the required 3 workouts per week for great results

  2. Download an appropriate ‘app’ or online fitness program and hold yourself accountable to getting it done at least 3 times each week


The standard personal training model is broken 


If you’ve had a Personal Trainer in the past, you’ll know that the following things are major impediments to achieving your long-term goals:

  • COST: Achieving fitness goals requires multiple workouts per week. Do these all with a Personal Trainer and you’re looking at £250-£350 every single week.

  • SCHEDULING: Life is busy. Your schedule changes all the time. You travel for work. Face last-minute deadlines at work. And then there are the kids... But miss a workout and your RESULTS suffer. Not to mention that PT cancellation policy!

  • INCONVENIENCE: Getting to a PT session almost always means commuting. When it’s 3+ days per week, this time adds up quickly.

  • FITNESS-ONLY FOCUS: A great PT will give you a seriously great workout. But do they have the time and systems set up to focus on the other critical puzzle pieces? Nutrition, sleep, mobility, hydration, recovery... Miss these and results suffer.


Online apps are not much better...


Using an Online Program or Fitness App can certainly solve some of the issues above. They are cheaper, provide more workout scheduling flexibility and allow you the convenience of choosing where you do your exercise... But are they really the ANSWER? Consider these issues:


  • FORM: With an Online Program you have no ability to check whether you’re doing the movements correctly or dangerously WRONG!

  • NO ASSESSMENT: Without a detailed initial assessment/evaluation you can bet your bottom dollar that that workout you are doing is more ‘for the masses’ than it is for YOU.

  • NOT INDIVIDUALISED: You deserve a program built for your body, your level and your goals. Fitness Apps can’t provide this.

  • LACK OF SUPPORT: Have a question about your training? With an online App, there’s often nobody to ask...

  • NO STRUCTURED PROGRESSION: Programs only work until your body becomes accustomed to them. Then they need to change. Safe, effective progression requires in-person knowledge and expertise which Apps cannot provide.

No more thinking what am I going to do at the gym tonight, no more getting injured during training and not knowing why.

Plus, I'm hitting it further and feel more stable and flexible than ever.

Angelo Petrakos,
50 years old
9 H'cap

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My body has felt great the past couple of months. Plus, when I play I feel a lot more prepared and a lot more functional

Dan Sheldon,
PGA pro

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It’s more cost-effective

Forget $300 per week. Our systems and efficiency are your savings.

Get all the indivdualised programs, workouts, knowledge, expertise, accountability, support, and coaching you need to achieve those golf fitness goals at a fraction of the price of a standard PT (who doesn’t understand golf anyway!).

It’s more golf-specific

Feel comfortable in the knowledge that the assessments, programs and processes we use are informed by over 10 years of golf-specific education and training experience. Not only is our service fully individualised, it’s also completely data-driven and results-focused.


It’s more convenient

You work out WHEN it’s most convenient for YOU. You also work out WHERE it’s most convenient - train at home, in a company fitness centre, or at the $9-a-week gym in the shopping centre around the corner. And you don’t have to worry about those last-minute cancellations on your PT – especially when you get charged anyway!


A holistic program that covers every area of golf performance

Recovery, nutrition, mobility, strength, power, golf-specific training and technical improvement, on-course performance hacks,'s all taken care of!


An individualised, progressive, program 

Your program is based on your assessment results and that adapts to you as you progress.


It all starts with a full Golf Fitness Evaluation, that uses the latest force plate technology to assess swing biomechanics, strength/ power, mobility and on-course endurance.

From there, a detailed and individualised program is written and delivered to you online. Based on my unique FA-S-T system protocol, your personalised program will comprise elements of strength, power, flexibility/mobility and stability work, core work and functional golf-specific training.

1on1 Sessions are scheduled at regular intervals in a cutting-edge, Central London, gym space to:

  • Demonstrate how the program works

  • Teach new exercises

  • Review and correct your form

  • Adjust and progress weights and reps

  • Answer questions, address concerns, clear obstacles, and leave you feeling confident about the road ahead.

You will also receive weekly check-in messages every Sunday, to allow us to track progress and recovery from training, make adjustments as needed and deal with any roadblocks or issues that may come up. 


Bi-weekly check-ins via Zoom that serve as both accountability and between-session support.

Complete reassessments are performed quarterly to check progress towards your goals, inform program changes and progression and show you how much you have improved!


During that initial goal setting session we will work with you to establish 3 realistic and achievable goals to improve your performance on the golf course - be it reducing your resting heart rate, improving your shoulder mobility or increasing your clubhead speed. We guarantee that after 30 days you will see noticeable progress towards these goals, as long you put in the agreed upon work. In fact we're so confident of this we promise we will refund 100% of your money back if you don't see noticeable progress towards the agreed upon goals.


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