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An industry renowned expert golf fitness coach reveals:

How to Outdrive your Buddies, Lower your Handicap and Stay Injury-Free – All While Feeling Stronger, Fitter and More Energetic



Looking to improve your performance?

99% of personal trainers are a waste of money!


A personal trainer at your local gym can help you get bigger and stronger, but ask him how to add yards to your swing or lower your handicap and he’ll be left scratching his head.


On the other hand, most golf coaches focus on the details of the sport.


They can tell you about ideal foot placement and the cues of a drive, not so much about how to get stronger.


Which is how we at Stronger Golf have broken new ground.


We combine the best of strength training and golf-specific training to turn golfers into golf athletes.

But what does golf have to do with strength training?

‘Everything’ would be an exaggeration. I’ll answer with ‘More than you might think’.


I learnt this the hard way.


Golf has been my passion for most of my adult life, but my interest in the sport had a rocky start.


Once upon a time I was an aspiring tour athlete.


<Photo of Nick from this time, if available>


I was ambitious. If I wasn’t playing golf then I was thinking about golf.


I didn’t just want to go pro and make a living from the sport. I wanted to join the ranks of the golfing elite and become a household name.


But it wasn’t going to happen. Two things got in the way.


Poor clubhead speed and nagging injuries.


All the swing drills and ice packs in the world did nothing to help. Extra practice sessions to sort out my clubhead speed took a toll on my back and shoulders, but taking time off to let my body rest left me out of practice.


Before long I was second-guessing myself and stressed out.


I’d like to say this is when I found a secret technique or trick that saved my career. The truth is I quit. I put my clubs away and moved on from golf for a while. 


It didn’t take long until I was looking for something to fill the gap.


I settled on powerlifting. The simple, three-exercise sport of the bench press, squat and deadlift.


It seemed like the ideal break. I was swapping a skill-centric sport for a strength-centric sport.


And I certainly got stronger, working my way up to a 210kg deadlift, a 180kg squat and a 110kg bench press.


<Photo of Nick performing one of the three powerlifts, if available>


Yet when I got back on the course, I was surprised to find that increased strength translated perfectly into improved golf performance:

  • My drive distance was up by 30 yards.


  • I was hitting par 5s in two with mid-irons.


  • The niggling injuries that plagued my professional career were gone.


  • My mind was sharper.


All with less practice and not doing any kind of golf-specific training.


Golf, in short, was fun again!

Why Stronger Golf?

Since then, our novel approach to training has helped over 200 golfers (Both weekend amateurs and PGA pros) overcome nagging injuries and improve their performance with as few as 2 workouts a week.


Our training philosophy is centred around one belief.


Golfers are athletes.


  • If you treat golf as a way to socialise, you’re an athlete.


  • If you’re a PGA pro travelling the world, you’re an athlete.


  • If you golf on the weekends to unwind from work, you’re an athlete.


But if you compare how golfers and athletes in other sports train you’ll quickly see something is missing.


Footballers spend time on the pitch nailing their kicks, while also including a strength element in their training.


Mixed martial artists spend time in the cage drilling their strikes, while also including a strength element in their training.


The same goes for rugby, tennis, hockey and practically every other major sport out there.


‘Golf fitness’ has always focused on the finer details of a swing and addressing them with repeated drills. When weights enter the equation low loads and isolation movements are used.


These techniques work and have produced some fine golfers, but sports science has moved on.


Research points towards the simple fact that everything falls into place when you get stronger.


  • Your resting heart rate decreases. (1)


  • You develop more explosive power. (2)


  • Your joints and connective tissue gets stronger. (3)


  • Your aerobic capacity and endurance increases. (4)


“Absolute strength is the glass, everything else is the liquid inside the glass. The bigger the glass, the more of everything else you can do.”

Bret Jones, Elite performance specialist.


Strength training is a loaded term. It simply means training with the intention of getting stronger.


Anyone can get train to get stronger over time, regardless of their sex, age or sporting history.


And the results of our strength-first approach speak for themselves. Our athletes aren’t just hitting bombs and leaving their friends in the dust, they’re also feeling healthier, stronger and more resilient.


<Instagram testimonial 17: ‘I am doing well! I hope you are also…’>


<Instagram testimonial 37: ‘I have really loved working with you…’>


<Instagram testimonial 38: ‘That sounds like a great plan. I hit 220kg…’>


More and more coaches are realising the incredible benefits that a strength training base provides on the golf course.


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say our methods have provoked a shift in the industry.

What do you get?

From teaching swing cues to adjusting exercises for your build, we will guide you every step of the way through your transformation into a complete golf athlete.


We include as much 1-to-1 online consulting time in our packages as possible, as well as unlimited email support from your personal coach.


Here’s what’s included:

  • A 60-minute initial consultation to establish your goals, athletic background and ability.

  • 30 – 60 minute follow-ups every 30 days to ensure you’re making progress.

  • A 15-minute week one check-in to make sure you’re 100% happy with your programming.

  • Unlimited email support should you need any feedback or help.

  • Weekly check-ins with your personal coach. 

  • A video library of detailed exercise demonstrations so you’re never left puzzled at an exercise.

  • On-demand feedback on exercise form to ensure you are performing every exercise safely and effectively.

  • Recovery monitoring so you can perform at your best all the time.

  • FREE BONUS #1 – Our ‘Nutrition for Golf Performance’ ebook which removes any confusion around dieting and eating as an athlete.

  • FREE BONUS #2 – A tailored pre-round warm-up routine to make sure injuries remain a thing of the past.

We believe that every golfer has their strengths and weaknesses. These hinge on age, past athletic performance and overall levels of activity, and need to be considered.


Everyone has a particular balance of mobility, coordination, power, strength and endurance.


If you’re naturally strong but lack mobility then it’s only a matter of time until you’re injured.


If you can generate a lot of power on a swing but lack coordination then you’re leaving yards on the table.


Our initial assessment identifies any weaknesses you may have and serves as the base for your personalised training program.


Which is why, in addition to the strength component, each program includes a tailored combination of:

  • Mobility drills to improve your range of motion and reduce soreness.

  • Movement prep to correct muscular imbalances and prepare you to make your best swing.

  • Agility and coordination routines to improve your swinging posture.

  • Power drills for a more efficient and powerful swing.

  • Sports-specific conditioning to improve your aerobic capacity and reduce fatigue.

What’s more, each training session only lasts around 45 to 60 minutes. This means less time in the weight room and more time on the golf course.


We can even adjust your program to reflect the equipment you have access to.


The result is a balanced training system that translates perfectly into improved golf performance.


<Training pyramid diagram>


My clients often get more than increased clubhead speed and compliments from others on the course.


Here’s what more of our past clients have said:


<Angelo Petrakos testimonial>


<Instagram testimonial 1: ‘I have increased my club head speed by over 10mph…’>


<Instagram testimonial 4: ‘all is going pretty we.. I got to play Sunday…’>


<Instagram testimonial 13: ‘I am so much better in my golf mechanics…’>


<Instagram testimonial 35: ‘I’m definitely noticing a difference out on the course in terms of extra yardage…’>


Click here to enroll.

$135/month. Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.

Is there a guarantee?

During the 60-minute consultation we will establish 3 realistic and achievable goals.


Looking to increase your clubhead speed? Reduce your resting heart rate? Improve your shoulder mobility? It’s up to you.


We guarantee that you’ll see significant progress towards all three goals, as long as you put in the agreed-upon work.


If you don’t see any progress we will refund you 100% of your money back.


No questions asked, no hard feelings.

Ready to begin?

Just as a recap, here’s everything you’ll receive:

  • Unlimited access to an TPI-certified golf fitness professional (Worth £1200/month)

  • A bespoke golf fitness program to help you add yards, shoot lower scores, have more energy and spend less time in the gym (Worth £1200/month)

  • 4 check-ins a month to keep you on the right track (Worth £400/month)

  • A monthly 60-minute consulting session so we can provide you with a truly bespoke personalised program (Worth £200/month)

  • Detailed recovery monitoring to keep you injury-free and feeling your best 24/7 (Worth £400/month)

  • FREE BONUS #1 – Our ‘Nutrition for Golf Performance’ ebook (Worth £97)

  • FREE BONUS #2 – Our research back pre-round warm-up routine that has been shown to increase clubhead speed by 3-5mph  (Worth £97)

All backed up by our 30-day results guarantee.


Under the guidance of an industry-renowned name.


All for just £99/week.


With so much content and contact time we can only work with a limited number of athletes every month.

Click here to enroll and reserve your place.

$135/month. Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.



(1) Reimers, A.K. et al. Effects of Exercise on the Resting Heart Rate: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Interventional Studies. J Clin Med. December 2018. 7(12): 503.


(2) Aghajani, R. et al. The Effects of Plyometric and Resistance Training on Explosive Power and Strength of Young Male Volleyball Players. Annals of Applied Sport Science. March 2014. 2(1): 45-52.


(3) Folland, J. P., & Williams, A. G. (2007). Morphological and neurological contributions to increased strength. Sports medicine, 37(2): 145-168.


(4) Hoff, J. et al. Maximal strength training improves aerobic endurance performance. Scand J Med Sci Sports. October 2002. 12(5): 288-95.

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