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Train with an, industry renowned, expert golf fitness coach and a bespoke program tailored to your body and your golf swing.


Reduce those aches and pains from playing ‘too much golf’ and therefore be physically able to perform whenever you need too/ play whenever you want. 


Reduce the likelihood of injury and missing time on the golf course as a result

Increase clubhead speed and start outdriving your buddies without having to fork out for the latest overpriced driver.

Improve technique and lower your handicap by unlocking new ranges of motion and improving motor control


Improve ‘on the day’ performance with proper warm-up protocols, more effective recovery management and appropriate conditioning - no more rusty start or fatiguing on the final few holes.


No more thinking what am I going to do at the gym tonight, no more getting injured during training and not knowing why.

Plus, I'm hitting it further and feel more stable and flexible than ever.

Angelo Petrakos,
50 years old
9 H'cap

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At Stronger Golf, we believe that mobility, co-ordination, power, strength and endurance are the keys to golf performance. However, not all these physical qualities are of equal importance to golf performance. Furthermore your will have individual strengths and weaknesses regards these qualities, that need to be taken into account in order to design a program optimal to you. Our unique assessment process drills down to what physical qualities you might be lacking, that could be leaving yards on the table or you open to injury, and allows us to build a program that systematically, safely and effectively eliminates those weaknesses, developing you into a true golf athlete.


As the name 'Stronger Golf’ suggests, strength training is the main portion of the program as we believe strength is the foundation of improved injury resiliency and golf performance.


That said, our programs incorporate the precise combination of self myo-fascial release, mobility drills, movement prep, agility and co-ordination training, power drills, strength training and sports specific conditioning you need to reach your goals.


In short, this is a program designed to meet your needs as an individual as well as the demands of the game!


When I first started online coaching it was simply a case of jumping on a Skype call to do a TPI screen with the client and then providing a pdf program they could print out and take the gym to follow. Technology has come along way so we can now provide detailed video tutorials, constant support and contact and 'living' programs that evolve as you need them too not just after a set period of time. But more importantly we've come along way too - online coaching is a different animal to in-person training and over the years we've refined the way we deliver and coach programs to make the online experience as effective as possible.


For example, the standard TPI screen and some of our in-person breakdowns are somewhat difficult and cumbersome in an online setting where you can't get hands on with someone so we have adapted and developed an online specific screen to get the best results for our online clients.


Further, the coaching cues we use online need to be different and we need to provide the client a greater understanding of the 'why' behind an exercise - these lead to a much better execution of the exercise despite not having live input from the coach. In order to do these things effectively it is therefore vital the coach has as much virtual contact with the athlete as possible.


For this reason our programs feature a huge amount of consult time with your personal coach as well as unlimited email support from your personal coach - not just a Facebook group or message board.

60 min initial assessment and goal setting session, after that you’ll get 30 minute follow ups every 30 days.


Initial clients also receive a 15 check in after one week to make sure you’re on the right track and 100% happy with all aspects of the program.


Completely individualised program, adjusted dynamically as you progress

Weekly check-ins with personal coach 


In-depth video demos


Personalised feedback on exercise form


Progress tracking and recovery monitoring


Free Bonus: 'Nutrition for golf performance' e-book 


Free Bonus: Customised pre-round warm-up

My body has felt great the past couple of months. Plus, when I play I feel a lot more prepared and a lot more functional

Dan Sheldon,
PGA pro

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During that initial goal setting session we will work with you to establish 3 realistic and achievable goals to improve your performance on the golf course - be it reducing your resting heart rate, improving your shoulder mobility or increasing your clubhead speed. We guarantee that after 30 days you will see noticeable progress towards these goals, as long you put in the agreed upon work. In fact we're so confident of this we promise we will refund 100% of your money back if you don't see noticeable progress towards the agreed upon goals.


£149/month. No subscription, cancel anytime.