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We help golfers to reduce injury risk, increase longevity and optimise performance. 

Our Story

My name is Nick Buchan, I have spent my lifetime dedicated to improving golf performance. I am a strength coach, TPI certified golf fitness professional and owner/head coach at Stronger Golf.

As a young, aspiring tour pro with below average club head speed and niggling injuries, I learnt too late what strength training can do to improve club head speed, injury resiliency and mental fortitude. Since then it has been my mission and passion to spread this message, helping golfers around the world achieve better performance on the course as a result of increased physical preparation.  

About Stronger Golf, Golf Fitness


After moving on from the world of competitive golf I began looking for a new challenge and found powerlifting. The results of the increased strength from powerlifting (incidentally, with absolutely nothing traditionally thought of as golf specific work) had an amazing carryover to my golf performance. Even though I was practicing much less (definitely no technical improvements were being made!) my injury issues were much reduced, average drive distance was up 30 yards, I could hit par 5's in two with mid-irons, and most importantly golf was fun again!

From this point it became my mission to blend my passions for golf and strength training, address the issues I saw in traditional golf fitness programs and spread the word. To that aim, I've written hundreds of blog posts, posted 1000's of videos, photos and updates to social media and been published in numerous magazines, websites and newspapers. 

To date we have worked with 200+ golfers both online and in-person to improve their physical fitness and golf performance.


In 2014 we started offering online coaching services through the Stronger Golf brand, this makes us one of the first to offer this kind of service. As the systems and communication skills required to work effectively online are very different from in-person, this experience puts us in the best position to get you the results you want. For more information on our online coaching programs click here


After spending the 2 years previous coaching athletes from a wide range of sports and general population clients, we expanded the brands remit and began offering in-person coaching services to golfers in the Kent and London area in 2016. For more information on our personal training options click here.


Golf fitness has traditionally focused on the possible relationships between physical limitations and swing faults, utilising a highly specific, isolated and often low load approach.


This approach had some success but ultimately left too many stones unturned in terms of the scientifically proven benefits of general strength training on injury prevention and force development. The method is also time inefficient - seeking to develop one physical quality before moving onto the next - so the full benefits to performance is not realised until the end of the training cycle. In a sport as skill based and technical as golf we believe this is a huge disadvantage as more time spend in the gym means less time spent on the course practicing those skills. 


Stronger Golf has been an industry leader in the shift towards a much more rounded and time efficient approach to physical preparation for golf with strength training at it's heart. Over the past 4 years working with golf specific clients we have identified 3 key necessities to improving golf performance through physical training; develop appropriate movement quality and sports specific conditioning, develop strength and develop speed. These keys all build upon one another but they should also be developed simultaneously where possible to ensure time efficiency, our complex periodisation allows to programming allows this to be achieved.


Better movement increases injury resiliency as well as helping to improve your swing mechanics and sequencing. An appropriate aerobic fitness level allows you to cope with the physical and mental fatigue of a round or tournament. Our unique methods allow you to develop both at the same time.


Research has shown consistent correlation between strength and club head speed. Balanced strength development and increased eccentric strength also helps combat the effects of the high force and asymmetrical golf swing, preventing injury.


The golf swing occurs in less than 0.6 seconds. It's great to be strong and able to produce a lot of force but for it to effectively carryover to the golf swing you need to be able to generate that force fast.


We offer a range of in-person and online training options to help golfers everywhere reduce injury risk, increase longevity and optimise performance. All of our workouts and programs use our proven, evidence based approach and are designed to build off of one another - improving swing efficiency, force production capabilities and sports specific conditioning to lower scores and help sustain long term improvement on the course.

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In this FREE video presentation you'll learn:

How to optimise movement through strength training

How to individualise power development for your golf swing

When you should train 'golf specific' and when you shouldn't 

Why you need to train outside the sagittal plane

The exact exercises we use to train golfers day in day out

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